I suppose I have to put the obligatory page 
about myself even though I know no one 
really cares. Um, let's see, what shall I 
tell you. I have a rather boring life 
where I get up, get ready, go to work. A 
good day consists of one where I get to 
eat some decent food and maybe manage to 
crack a smile somewhere. Maybe even get 
some sex. (Ok I lied about that too. >:) )
  My mother and father are two very nice, moral 
and sweet people unlike the parents of 
Paperdollie. I have some friends here &
there, some real-life, some online, some
sane, some not-so-sane. They have nothing
in common with each other many times and
will stare at each other in uncomfortable
silence if I bring two of them together.
It's a fun party game.

For fun I like to do strange and twisted 
things I will not mention here and more 
normal things such as go hiking, write 
music, etc. I am very fond of hanging out 
in public places and scowling at people.
People are such morons. 

Pet peeves which make me homicidal are 
chewing with mouth open, people who call 
you and proceed to sit there saying nothing, 
raidnaiks who lahk to tawk lahk thees. Or 
people that are two-faced and smile to your
face and choose the moment you are most 
vulnerable to stab you in the back. I also 
can't stand it when I see a group of women 
out for lunch and the entire time they talk 
about how "bad they're being." For 
fucksake, just eat the stupid triple decker 
banana split and don't bother me about it.
Ok, not such a grievous deal, but it
annoys the hell out of me. 

Corporations are evil and should all be blown 
up. Sorry, that's just how I feel. I was one 
of the people that cheered at the end of Fight
Club. It just made me so happy.

I have a secret fear of clowns and the thing 
that I know lives under my bed. I swear I 
hear it growling sometimes. My mom gave me a 
clown bank once that used to stare at me all 
night long with its evil, yellow glowing eyes. 

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