Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, 
and no one knows that more than Paperdollie. 
However, this year, her boyfriend Dillon 
cruelly dumped her for that stupid bimbo, 
Jennifer. In her bitterness, Dollie has 
rewritten some popular carols and songs 
to tell the world how much life sux. Oh 
yeah, and to top it all off, all she gets 
to eat for Chrismas dinner is peas. Her 
mommie didn't get a Christmas bonus and 
had to pick between a nice dinner and heat. 
So unfare.

Christmas Song 
(Dil's nuts roasting on an open fire)
O Come, All Ye Hateful
O Cristmas Peas
Holly and Ivy
Toys To the World
What Pile Is This?

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