Cause everyone really wants a little sister.

All her life, Paperdollie wanted a little 
sister to torment and never got one. When
she finds out her mom is pregnant, she is
ecstatic and starts planning for the new
little bundle of joy. Her mom couldn't afford
to keep the baby and was so broke she couldn't 
afford an abortion so she tries the "do it 
yourself" version with a rusty coathanger. 
Paperdollie finds her mom passed out with the 
fetus at her feet. Paperdollie is thrilled,
dresses up her little sister in her doll's 
clothes and mistakes her mom's diaphragm 
for a hat. Molly gets to see the world
before succumbing to her inevitable, 
grisly end. Unfortunately, no one had the
heart to tell Paperdollie Molly was dead.

molly, you're making me crazy
molly makes some friends
funerals can be fun!