(an aside note from the author)

As is true with anything, one must retain 
perspective. In this comic, I do not 
advocate animal abuse, child abuse, violence 
against women or any of the other nasties 
you might encounter. They say that in order 
for the brain to process any horror that 
you cannot accept nor change is to turn it 
into a joke and laugh at it. 

There are many things in the world that 
I cannot change. Some in my own personal 
life and some on a global scale. So 
instead I laugh at it. This is part of what 
this comic is about. Any intelligent person 
should be able to figure this out, but in 
case you are not one of those, here it is, 
all mapped out for ya. :)

Plus I am just a very sick and twisted person 
who, if they did not have this comic, would 
either be going postal in the local 
Wallyworld or sitting on a curb with their 
used napkin collection, drooling and talking 
to my invisible friend, Ed. So. Please bear 
with me. :) I already know I'm going to hell 
in a bright red handbasket, so don't even try 
to save my already long-condemned soul. 
Besides, I have to go to hell. That's where 
all my friends will be.
If you are a parent and have caught little 
Timmy looking at this website, that is your 
problem, not mine. Set parental controls 
on your browser and don't expect the 
rest of us to keep the world a nice and 
bland G rating so you can sit on your fat 
ass and be lazy, not paying any attention 
to your kids. It's a nice day, maybe you and 
your kids should be outside playing ball or 
something instead of inside ignoring each 
other in complete silence. You don't 
want them turning out like Paperdollie, 
do you? I didn't think so. 

*steps off soapbox*

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