3/2/07: wee got a snoday from skool today and
i wus all exsited becuze i wuld get to play in
the sno. but mommie made me stay insyde and help
her with the dum dusting. so i aksidentaly broke
her faverit statchoo. she sed it was a yadrow or
sumthing. Hahaha. it was stoopid anyway.

3/3/07: today mommie forgot to put cheeze on my
ham and cheeze sandwish. i sed hay you forgot
cheeze that's why they call it ham and CHEEZE
sandwish. She sed stop being a bigmouf and stuck
me in the korner and sed some shit like she 
culdnt aford cheeze and I shuld be greatful
that she evin feeds me at all. so i had to eet
a stoopid ham sandwish with nuthing on it.when
I gro up, i am going to own a cheeze farm. and if
the stoopid little cheezes dont act rite Ill
grate them. hahahaha. they will be skared all 
the time of the big greater and that will be funnie.

3/4/07: today mommie ran owt of ham to. so we had
to eat krappy jellie sandwishes. is that even
sumthing to eet? im still hungrie. I want to
live with daddie.

3/5/07: today mommie ran owt of both ham and jellie
so we had to eet toast with nuthing. it suked. I 
kalled daddie and askd if I culd live with him and
he sed he wuld not be abel to take me becaze he
wuldnt have time to feed me. wats the deel it takes
like five minets. I want to dye.

3/6/07: mommie found the lettir I wuz going to giv
to dillon telling him he needz to shave his armpits 
becaze he smells. she sed it wasnt nice and threw 
it away. well it wuznt nice when he dumped me for
stoopid jenifer but she dumped him too becuze she
sed he smells. hahahaa.