My dad      
for loaning me his old Dell laptop so I could
put in the long hours on this somewhere else 
besides in my lonely room. 

My mom 

who I think was the genetic contributor to 
this twisted aspect of my personality. She is 
a very sweet, sophisticated lady, who reminds 
me a lot of Jessica Fletcher. Very much to my 
surprise, found her laughing at South Park and 
Beavis and Butthead. She tries to imitate 
Butthead on occasion. (quite poorly) 

And people wonder why I'm so strange. 
My ex-fiance, Phil
who encouraged me when I first came up with 
the comic and also contributed ideas to it. He
was very instrumental in helping get the comic 
online, which was very sporting of him 
considering he knew that in a couple of strips 
I took the piss out of him. We're friends now,
so it's all well and good. But it sure made for 
some incredibly dark and twisted comics. :P
I suppose I should also thank him for dumping 
me, as had that not happened, I probably would 
have had better things to do with my time. 

So, uh, thanks? I guess? 
Alex and Cai 

Many moon ago, there were a few late 
night sessions between the three of us
that added ideas and inspiration to this

Lisa, Justin and Brian

for being good sports and providing the 
colorful characters of Suzy Rainbow, 
Dude and Austin.


For being there.

 My crazy friend Maria

whose laughter and good spirit never cease 
to be uplifting, infectious and inspiring.

My other crazy friend Rowan

for helping provide some of the rather
um, shall we say, "sketchy" links in the
"Back of the Class" section. She grew up in 
downtown Lowell and knows more about this 
kind of shit than I do. :P This section 
is not up yet, but should be full of 
nasty goodness when it finally appears.

My ecclectic collection of 
friends, acquaintances &
what nots

who supported my ideas, and best of all 
laughed at them. :P 

The good hearted waitresses 
at Bagels & Things 

who always cheerfully let me sit there for 
hours and work in peace, and kept the 
hazelnut coffee coming.
     All those people whose lives 
have touched mine 

for good or ill, making this voyage into 
the darkest aspects of my mind possible. 
My whiny Maine Coon cat Zoe

who on a particularly vocal night of hers 
inspired the strip "Stupid Kittie." 
Unfortunately, after a long and brave 
struggle with cancer, this beloved feline 
is no longer with us. She was a dear 
friend and she will be deeply missed.


for they are delicious deep-fried. 

becuase no man, woman or child should be 
without it. 

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