(For the morbidly curious.)
 If you have a question you would like me 
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If y'all don't ask questions, you'll
be stuck seeing these forever. :P


 You advocate violence towards animals. 

FALSE. You are a moron. 

All your characters are some part of you. 

MOSTLY TRUE. When I look at it, there 
is some correlation. 

Paperdollie is more me than I 
would like to admit. 

Mr. Hamilton is my naive, 
self-pitying side. 

I hate to admit that Suzy Rainbow 
is like me, but damn if it doesn't 
fit. (Shut up Verizon, you'll get 
your damn money, stop whining.)
 It was supposed to be my pal Lisa, but 
in ways we are one in the same. :P 

Dude is a car-enamored, well, dude 
who wanted to be in the comic. 

Mr. Hacker is patterned after a 
roommate I once had whose sick sense 
of humor usually topped mine. 

Dillon is my exfiance-now-friend whose 
hide was getting ripped into around 
the time I first started doing the 
comic as he suddenly dumped me with no 
warning. However, he is a fan of the comic 
and told me I'm not allowed to change 
anything to spare his feelings. I wonder 
if he regrets that now. :P 

Mrs. Hamilton is, as Dillon's human 
counterpart now calls her, a 
whore-psychohosebeast from a farming 
state that I will not name but 
it begins with a K. 

It's wise to stay on my good side, 
isn't it?

You like to ride the Tilt-a-Whirl.

TRUE. I know I'm too old for such 
pastimes. But, shoot me, I like going 

You have enormous tits. 

T...hey, what business is that of YOURS?

You like to watch Golden Girls.

You sure know how to hurt me don't you? 
TRUE. There. I said it.

You are a goth. 

PROBABLY TRUE. I was goth for sure when 
I was 19 and all I did was wear black and 
fantasize about being dead. I still wear 
a lot of black and occasionally fantasize 
about being dead and like bands like Black 
Tape for a Blue Girl, Rammstein, The Cure 
and Dead Can Dance. I am eternally dark 

and depressed. I suppose that makes me 
a goth, even though I don't overdo the 
black eyeliner.

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